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Press Release 01/20/2018

Demand Results Launches New Model to Help Small Businesses in Spokane

Meg Demand, launches new business for philanthropic relationship management.

Spokane, WA January 22, 2018: Meg Demand, a longtime Spokane area resident, recently launched a new innovative business for the Spokane community. Demand Results, LLC is a small business partner that provides outsourced marketing services including but not limited to: philanthropic relationship management, event coordination and small business projects. Meg’s vision is to help match small businesses to local non-profits in order to create sustainability in beneficial causes in the Spokane community.

“Most small businesses have a desire for giving but lack the complete capacity to manage their philanthropic relationships. My model was developed to help identify giving standards, partner businesses with local causes, and manage that relationship for small businesses here in Spokane,” said Meg Demand, Principal and Founder of Demand Results, LLC.

Meg’s background includes an MBA from WSU in Executive Management and corporate experience in sales, marketing and operations. During her extensive work with non-profits she identified a need to educate small businesses on how social responsibility can both help a community while creating market opportunities.

To learn more about the service that Demand Results offers, please visit the website

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